Zeynep Solakoglu (TUR)


Zeynep is an artist and illustrator based in Istanbul / Turkey.She is inspired by Mythology,Fairytales,Native Stories,etc. from all parts of the world.She believes they all represent general themes in our lifetime that all people relate and that connects all of us as one.So.consciously or unconsciously when people look at her characters , they will all find parts of themselves in it.She keeps her stories hidden to let the bystander have their own conversation and connection with the artwork..Zeynep has been drawing characters and writing stories since she was a kid , so all her characters start from different phases in her life and represents her reactions and views to things that are happening around her at that moment in time , told in her own way.She likes the idea of having one part of her in every character and evolving with them as years pass.She has a book called ” Orange Girl ” that she self-published , contributed to published books and attends exhibitions around the globe. >>>