Andy Calabozo (PRT)


Ricardo Anibal Lima Garcia (aka Andy Calabozo) was born in Maracay, Venezuela and currently lives and works in Oporto, Portugal. In 2011 he dropped out of architecture school to pursue a career as a self-taught artist. Since then the exploration of his own mythology and universe have become the focus of his work. Andy creates images that are roller coaster rides with layers of complex characters and twists and turns about life’s absurdities. Bizarre and whimsical – a surreal portrayal of imaginary characters that sprout in every new piece – Andy turns the process of constant creation into a dialogue with his own prolific mind in an attempt to experience all the thrills of a complex, turbulent world. His exploration has recently started to free itself from the bi-dimensional world with new excursions into the media of clay and wood.  >>>