Zsuzsanna Ilijin (GER)


Zsuzsanna Ilijin is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Berlin. She is driven by the love for bright colours and graphic shapes inspired by the techniques of screen printing and riso printing. Characteristic to her work are the pure vector shapes and transparent layers that bloom into bold and colourful compositions. With many places to call home, Zsuzsanna has Hungarian roots. She started her career as an illustrator in Amsterdam, went to teach Illustration in a big unkown Megacity called Chongqing in China. She also gives workshops and lectures at Universities. You can find her work all over the world in Magazines, on Posters, Walls, Books, Clothing. She is currently working on a Children Book, loves to eat Kimchi, tries to live Zero Waste and likes to think about the future scenarios on our planet. 

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