Mehdi Hercberg / Shoboshobo

Hidden behind the onomatopoeia of Shoboshobo is Mehdi Hercberg, a prolific, instinctiv artist and graphic design teacher in Ecole Estienne, Paris, born in 1973 in Lille / France.
Much influenced by both, Art brut and the Japanese experimental scene, Shobohsobo’s work has a rigorous and repetitiv spirit that leads to a total abandonment of gesture and representation. Often approaching utter abstraction, his drawings and especially his work on walls combine spontaneous improvisation and precise control. His whole univers is swarming with monsters, characters with doodled anatomy, geometrical and drooling landscapes. His work (expressed as performance, music, drawing, installation, fashion ….) has been exhibited in Europe, Argentina, USA and Japan.

Mehdi acts as mentor overseeing and closely accompanying the attendees. >>>